Overcoming Academic Research Obstacles: Data Capture Over Time

Overcoming Academic Research Obstacles: Data Capture Over Time

This article is part of a series about obstacles in academic research. In this short article, we're discussing the obstacle of data capture from participants at several points in time. 

Multiple sites + multiple questionnaires

With most institutions’ toolsets, participants can answer one questionnaire repeatedly throughout the course of the study. However, if your protocol requires multiple questionnaires, you’ll hit a roadblock. The QuesGen research platform makes it able to run multiple sites along with multiple questionnaires for your data curation.


Our Participant Portal provides participants a place to securely fill out questionnaires without having to come in to the hospital or research facility. What this provides, is an opportunity to more effectively capture complex data directly from the participants.


For example, the participant portal was essential for the CARE Consortium concussion study.

By putting the data entry into the hands of the participants, it simplified the process. If the data collection would have been done in person, it would have required thousands of people-hours – simply not feasible within the budget or resources available.


Take a next step to avoid obstacles

QuesGen works with dozens of academic institutions to help researchers overcome and/or navigate around the obstacles mentioned here. But if PIs and database administrators don’t know there are other options available beyond their current university-approved solutions, that is a challenge in itself.

If you’d like to learn more about the QuesGen platform and add it to your institution’s research toolset, we’re happy to talk further.