Overcoming Obstacles: Need to Move Faster From Funding to Study Start

Overcoming Obstacles: Need to Move Faster From Funding to Study Start

This article is part of a series about obstacles in academic research. In this short article, we're discussing the obstacle of speed - why researchers may encounter it, how to speed things up, and the role of an outside partner in launching effectively.

"We can't afford to be slow to launch"

While we live in an age of information, we can’t manufacture time. In fact, in the commercial setting, time wasted getting to market often means hundreds if not millions of dollars left on the table.

In an academic setting, however, this results in a slower time to study launch.

At QuesGen, our team has spoken with many researchers who have stressed the importance of getting a study going as quickly as possible once they secure funding. However, it's not quite that simple.

Researchers have a number of things vying for their attention that don't have anything to do with actually conducting the research, including:

  • designing and building their database
  • recruiting participants
  • coordinating the study details
  • and more!

With a desire to simply focus on the research, these extemporaneous details can be frustrating and time-consuming.

How to overcome this obstacle

By involving an outside partner like QuesGen, the researchers can focus on the research and delegate the details of designing, building, and maintaining the database to a partner that specializes in this exact area of expertise. QuesGen can step in to handle the designing, building, and maintaining of the database, and get the study up and running quickly.

Discover how we've done that for organizations like TRACK-TBI and Institutions like UCSF


Now let's talk about data capture . . . 

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